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Everyone has always said that nothing is impossible.
But one never can think that it would be possible to fall asleep to kissin' cousins on the Jerry Springer Show.
pretty wild, pretty crazy.

I'm going to kill everyone that works in the dining hall.
it was only 1:30-you stop serving at 2:00
even that retard redneck dude in the wedding dress, Richard-Alexis, could figuire that out.
Wait till I tell Boscha; my Russian cook. He don't play.
so stop, please. I don't eat burnt yams or raw clams, so leave me my treats. please.

last night was crazy.
and i loved it, and laughed pretty much constantly and intensely the majority of the night.
because-what else can i do when the red line is about to be hi-jacked on the way to fenway from crimebridge? or when i give a cryptic answer to a homeless guy? or when stony mcstone and weedie mcweed are talking about giant baby cats eventually taking my life?
i love Steph and Hollie, those two wild kids.
and all that candies we ate? worth their caloric intakes in gold.
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Current Music: the sound of a scorned mountain women weeping over the loss of her midget man
07 November 2007 @ 11:24 pm
 It might be true that I sleep too much .
Mainly because I do.
I have cigarettes with Steph, eat caramels, watch Super-bad and write emails and draw pictures and try on clothes and ponder adopting a Russian baby and living with it by myself in the forest of England just to save myself any troubles that are sure to be on the horizon.
And that's in no particular order.
Then, and only then, is it plausible for me to sleep.
What other crazy jumbles may I type down?
I love seven dollar pants.
I hate being EVE.
I love candy.
I hate irony.
I love blankies.
oh white hall-truly the hall of champs.
As I was walking down the dining hall's "hall", I heard a drip-drop sound.
To myself I said "What the hell?"
I couldn't have guessed what it was...
a leak in the ceiling.
it appears to have been dripping a while-most likely from a bathroom on one of the residential floors.
And I, so it seems, have been the only person to notice the leak.
It's probably still dripping, ruining the floor of White-even though I put down a bowl that I found.
And I don't care-I hope the floor bursts open and water falls down like a downpour from Heaven.
I think I really am going to die of insanity and being sequestered from "life".
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06 November 2007 @ 02:23 pm
it finally dawned on me.
boy-did I ever pick the wrong religion!
When have I seen Jesus, or the apostles chillen'?
Have I heard about Mary walking about the Earth? NO.
No concrete evidence or anything like that.
Just "visions".
Well-the Hindu folk will never have to face these same issues as I and my fellow Christians do.
Their deities re-incarnate themselves many times.
Want proof that Lakshimi is back-and better than EVER?
look no farther than aol's front page of the news.
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05 November 2007 @ 08:05 pm
eve's first post.